1 March 2019

The Scientific Club

The Eclipse solar car club values ​​technological and technical innovation, teamwork, ambition and passion. These are all criteria that characterize the student clubs of the École de technologie supérieure. Since 1992 we are therefore committed to directing our efforts in the same direction. In addition, the protection of the environment and sustainable development are key to each of our group's achievements.

Comprised of some 30 members, the Eclipse team brings together talented and motivated future graduates. This large family is organized in three groups: the mechanical, electrical and administrative divisions.

The mechanical team's objective is to build an aerodynamic car that is both lightweight and durable. Use of sophisticated design methods and high-end materials are key to achieving this goal. The electrical team maximizes the energy harvested from the sun and to stores it in efficient batteries before converting it into mechanical energy. Finally, the administrative division manages team members, finances and professional ties with the business community.

Our team is committed to its valued partners to a high performance level while it competes, to push the boundaries of engineering in energy efficiency, to excel in sustainable design and to provide high quality visibility.