25 March 2019

Eclipse X – 2018

Designed to optimize aerodynamic properties, Eclipse X is the proud successor of Eclipse 9 in both mechanical and electrical design. This prototype has an efficiency and top speed never seen in any Canadian solar car team, thanks to its light weight and low drag. Eclipse X finished the 2018 American Solar Challenge in third place. His next competition will be the 2019 Bridgestones World Solar Challenge in Australia.

Technical characteristics:

  • Weight : 190 kg
  • Car type: Asymmetric single seater, Challenger class
  • Battery Type: 20 kg Panasonic Lithium Ion Cell
  • Motorization: 1 CSiro engine, rear wheel on the pilot side
  • Solar panels: 4m2 + 2m2 of Sunpower silicon cells effective at 24.3%
  • Chassis: Carbon fiber monohull, structural foam and honeycomb by Nomex