25 March 2019

Eclipse VI – 2009

Following the Eclipse 5 car, Eclipse members completed their studies and very few experienced students remained on the team. So, a new team has been created, without much experience, but with a lot of motivation! We knew that the design of Eclipse 5 had been optimized a lot, to the point of being difficult to manufacture. So, the design of Eclipse 6 was started from a blank sheet. The mechanical design of the car was easy to manufacture, the design was not breathtaking, but was robust enough to cover the long distances of a competition.
The Eclipse VI team participated in the 2009 World Solar Challenge competition. Because of a Max Power Point Tracker (MPPT) design issue, it was impossible to charge our batteries. This earned us a very bad position in the standings. This problem was solved by members of the Eclipse 6 team when they returned from Australia. A new circuit was designed, documented and used with success by the Eclipse 7 team.
  • Highlights:
    • 4th place at the 2009 World Solar Challenge competition


List of members

Frédérick Ammann, Captain

Mario Landry

Vincent Ouimet

Marie-Josée Saint-Onge

Simon Bernier

Pascal Lapointe

Iosif Onofrei

Patrick Filion

Luc-Antoine Boulanger

Pierre-Nicolas Durette

Dominic Quesnel

Yannick Chabanne