25 March 2019

Eclipse IX – 2016


The design of Eclipse 9 marks a return to the roots for the ETS team. The car was designed by combining the ultra-safe regulations of the ASC with the more modern WSC regulations, forcing the team to make a 4-wheeled vehicle 4.5 meters long, with a pilot in a seated position. Thanks to the participation of important partners, the Eclipse 9 team managed to make a light and efficient vehicle while learning a great deal about the basics of solar car design.

American Solar Challenge 2016

The American Solar Challenge 2016 was a very formative competition for the team, although exhausting. The team had first to solve several electrical problems of the car at the same time to participate in technical inspections. Then, during the Formula Sun Grand Prix, after a successful first day, the second day was slowed by a major break in the engine, which prevented the team from taking part in the first half of the race day, which relegated the team to a lower ranking. Subsequently, during the American Solar Challenge, the car demonstrated excellent reliability, although its performance overall was diminished by its poor aerodynamic properties. The team also faced a lot of bad luck like a violent storm in the middle of Nebraska, which lost the team more than 3 hours of racing.

Formula Sun Grand Prix 2017

The FSGP 2017 was an experience the opposite of the previous year. The Eclipse 9.1 team, well prepared for any eventuality, literally flew over the static and dynamic technical inspections in less than 24 hours, to then have a rest day to polish the car before the start of the race. The first day of racing was an amazing surprise for the whole team, while Eclipse 9.1 completed more laps than any other team. Unfortunately, on the second day of the race, the only engine in the car (the other having been broken during testing the previous month) began to offer more resistance due to a broken bearing. The team tried everything to keep the car running afterwards by reducing the cruising speed, unfortunately in the middle of the last day of racing the bearing was dead and the engine got stuck, ending the competition. The Eclipse 9.1 team finished in 4th place and gained a lot of confidence and experience.

  • Highlights:
    • 7th at FSGP 2016
    • 8th at ASC 2016
    • 4th at FSGP 2017,despite an engine break in the middle of the last day of racing
    • Sportsmanship Award at the 2017 FSGP due to the positive and competitive attitude of the team throughout the event
  • Technical characteristics:
    • Weight of the car : 220 kg
    • Dimensions of the car (W x D x H): 4.5 x 1.8 x 1.15 m
    • Battery type: Lithium-ion
    • Weight of the battery: 20 kg
    • Battery capacity: 5 kWh
    • Maximum power of solar panels: 1 400 W
    • Motor type: Three-phase AC with permanent magnets
    • Engine power CSiro / Marand: 1.8 kW
    • Frame Material: Titanium


Photos – Formula Sun Grand Prix 2017

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Photos – American Solar Challenge 2016

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List of members

Mathieu Lecours, Co-Captain

Anthony Riendeau, Co-Capitaine and Technical Lead

Vincent Courtemanche, Captain until december 2015

Jean-François Chénier, Electrical Lead

Rémi Gagnon, Mécanical Lead

Julien Bourassa, Treasurer

Gabriel Beaulieu

Louis-Philip Béliveau

Marc-André Besner

Pascal Bonnichon

Gabriel Bouthot

Audrey Cayouette

Olivier C.-Larocque

Christian Daigneault

Michael Deslauriers

Maxime Goubin

Francis Jeanneau

Francis Lavallée

Frédéric Lamer

Charles-Étienne Leblanc

Julien Longchamp

El Hadi Mahouche

Antoine Marcil

Dominique Marinescu

David Paré Bissonnette

Michael Perreault

Jean-Luc Proulx

Aiden Reich

Clément Roberge

Adam Taher

Mustafa Tatar

Éric Tremblay

Alexandra Vibert

Marc-André Sirois