25 March 2019

Eclipse III – 1999

The Eclipse III team was able to benefit from the knowledge of the members who contributed to the previous prototypes to design a better car than what was developed in the field of solar vehicles in Canada. Unfortunately for the team, the Sunrayce 99 was marked by poor meteorological conditions that earned it the nickname Rainrace.

  • Highlights:
    • 8th place at SunRayce 99
    • Special mentions for suspension, chassis and braking system
  • Technical characteristics:
    • Weight: 320kg
    • Dimensions of the car (W x W x H): 5.7 x 1.9 x 0.915 m
    • Battery type: Ovonic 13EV90 NiMH
    • Weight of the battery: 71.2kg
    • Battery capacity: 4790 Wh
    • Maximum power of solar panels: 1067W
    • Frame Material: Carbon and Kevlar
    • Number of wheels: 4
    • Wheel type: NGM aluminum wheels
    • Tires: Bridgestone Ecopia 14 inches
    • Engine: NGM SC-M150-04, 19 hp


List of members

Alexandre Forest

Alexandre Lemay

Alexandre marcoux

Alex Rodrigue

Antoine Fortier

Christian Ross

Christine Lapointe

David Thibaudeau

Domenico Florio

Éric Dudemaine

Francis Banville

Frédéric Chartrand

Tom Lamarche

Yann Bertrand

Yves Betournay

Francis Raymond

Hugo Fortin

Jean-Pierre Chouinard

Marc Lépine

Marcel Bourgouin

Martin Bélanger

Nicolas Gauthier

Renaud Lavoie

Sandra Carrier

Sony Trudel

Sophie Roussin

Stéphane Sylvain

Sylvain Ainsley

Sylvain Bélanger

Martin Hallé