25 March 2019

Eclipse I – 1992

Students from the École de technologie supérieure, who care about the environment, came together to design an eco-friendly vehicle whose main source of energy is the sun. This is how the Eclipse project (solar vehicle) was launched in February 1992 by a team of enthusiastic and ambitious students.

In 1995, the team took part in exhibitions and at the prestigious Sunrayce competition. This 2,600-kilometer American race took place in July and lasted 11 days. It goes without saying that the seriousness of the project and the quality of the project determined the participating universities.

  • Highlights:
    • First solar car team in Quebec
    • Result: 22nd position at SunRayce 95


List of members

Jesse Hurkens

  • Founder of Eclipse

Éric Dubé

Benoit Béliveau

Bruno Boulanger

Louis Beaumier

Alain Huart

Stéphanie Veillette

Rachid Chaffai

Richard Brunelle

Jean-marc Cyr

Carl Larouche

Éric Gamache

Daniel Renaud