1 March 2019

About us


In recent decades, environmental degradation has become a recurring topic in the news. Global warming, with its many consequences such as droughts, rising sea levels and violent storms, has now become the number one threat to the future of our society. Luckily, current generations have grown immersed in this intensive awareness and have a good knowledge of the value ​​of sustainable development.

It is in this context that our team took aim to build a revolutionary vehicle, operating only with the most abundant energy on earth: sunlight! This large-scale project explores innovative and realistic solutions in the field of energy production and transportation. Moreover, the industry could not be more willing to welcome the innovations that the apprentice engineers of Eclipse develop. At the time of writing, solar energy is the fastest growing energy source in the world, with declining operating costs and ever increasing efficiency. Furthermore, companies like Tesla are leading the charge in the auto industry by combining performance, efficiency and durability like never before, earning them perfect ratings from Consumer Reports.


In 1992, a group of students from ÉTS got together to develop a vehicle powered entirely by solar energy. Thus, Eclipse was born and became the first solar car scientific club in Quebec. Two years later, they unveiled their first vehicle: Eclipse I. Proud of their prototype, Club members flew to the United States to participate in the Sun Rayce 95. Their car finished in 22nd place, a respectable result given the high level of competition.

Two decades later, the scientific club is now on its tenth vehicles and ÉTS students are working hard to achieve their next goal: Top 10 at the World Solar Challenge.

The next competition, the World Solar Challenge 2019, will be held next autumn in Australia, from October 13th to the 20th. The team is currently preparing the prototype Eclipse X to compete against the best teams in the world. With the experience gained this summer, we are better than ever to meet the challenge!